Garda, Włochy
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Kilka dni nad jeziorem Garda…

While in Desenzano. One of the largest and most cosmopolitan resorts on Lake Garda, with plenty for the culture vultures to explore.

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Garda – A poetic hideaway

There is a romantic air of time gone by there. The view from our hotel is much the same across the lake as it was when the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio looked out from his window. Perhaps he had writer’s block and was hoping to be inspired as he gazed at the tranquil waters.

Un refuge romantique

Il flotte ici un air de nostalgie romantique. La vue sur le lac est sûrement très semblable a celle dont jouissait le poète Gabriele D’Annunzio depuis sa fenêtre. Devant une page blanche, peut-être recherchait-il l’inspiration en contemplant ces eaux paisibles…

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